How to take away hair from pubis

How to take away hair from pubis

Vegetation on pubis - thing ambiguous. Hair on the intimate place quite suit someone, and someone looks for any way to make zone of bikini ideally smooth. For such people various ways of epilation of delicate zone are also thought up.


  1. The easiest way to get rid of undesirable hair on the intimate place is shaving. Pluses of this method is the general availability, speed of execution and also opportunity to improvise and create various erotic hairstyles. It is possible to refer fast growth of hair and also high probability of irritation and cuts to minuses. In order that consequences from shaving were minimum, it is necessary to moisten previously hair with warm water, to apply on them the softening gel or shaving cream, and then to depilate accurately on growth of hair (if to do it against growth, then the risk of cuts and the subsequent growing of hairs increases). After the procedure the cosmetologists advise to apply the moisturizing cream on bikini zone.
  2. Shaving also allows to experiment with intimate hairstyles: having shown imagination you can learn to create the whole pictures. Experienced cosmetologists advise to begin with simple: accurate stripe or circle, and already then to pass to more difficult arts.
  3. One more way of depilation - removal of undesirable hair by means of cream. Pluses of this way is usability and longer result, than when shaving. It is possible to carry possibility of irritation and allergic reactions to minuses. That to avoid it, try cream on the small site to skin if the irritation has not arisen - start the procedure.
  4. More long-term ways of disposal of on pubis hair - depilation wax (cold or hot) and sugaring (depilation by sugar). These methods allow to make zone of bikini smooth for 2-3 weeks, but at the same time are rather painful. Also the probability of growing of hairs increases. That to avoid it, it is necessary to address the qualified master in epilation, and after the procedure to follow number of rules which enter periodic scrubbing of the epilirovanny site and also skin moistening by creams.
  5. If you want to save from hair forever, you should address to the medical center which provides services to photoepilation, electroepilation or laser epilation. These procedures have contraindications therefore it is previously necessary to consult with the doctor. Such epilations are very effective - for several procedures it is possible to achieve total disappearance of hair. The high cost of procedures belongs to minuses.

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