How to take away hair standing

How to take away hair standing

Hair standing look not too esthetically therefore women prefer to delete them. It is possible to make it in several ways, each of which has the advantages and shortcomings.

Depilation of hair standing, its advantages and shortcomings

The easiest and painless way of disposal of undesirable hair standing - depilation. It assumes only removal of upper part of the hair acting over skin. Proceeding from the fact that hair bulbs remain intact the effect of such procedures remains not for long.

Such method of depilation as sbrivaniye of hair by means of the razor enjoys wide popularity. It is absolutely painless, but very inefficient. Already next day after shaving the hair begin to grow.

Shaving is undesirable also that each time hair will become more dark and more dense. Besides, there can be such problem as the grown hairs. Depilatory creams allow to reach longer effect. As a rule, after chemical depilation of leg remain smooth within week. It is possible to carry to shortcomings of this method unpleasant smell of creams and also the fact that they rather aggressively influence skin. These means cannot be applied on the damaged sites of legs. Chemical depilation can be carried out also to house conditions. For this purpose it is necessary to apply depilatory cream to skin and to wash away it in 5-10 minutes. It is very important to observe all recommendations of the producer concerning hold time of cream on skin. If not to wash away means in time, it is possible to get slight chemical burn.

Removal of hair by means of epilation

Epilation - process of removal of hair together with bulbs. After holding similar procedures of leg remain smooth for several weeks. In house conditions it is possible to carry out waxing. The procedure is rather painful, but the effect of it exceeds all expectations. Thus after each removal of hair they will become is thinner and are lighter. It is quite possible that through some time the need for holding procedure will appear less frequently. To depilate by means of wax, it is necessary to apply the kindled cosmetic product to skin thin layer, to cover from above with special woven strip and to pull sharply for it against the direction of growth of hair. After the end of processing of legs it is necessary to apply the moisturizing cream to skin. It is qualitatively possible to execute epilation as well by means of electroepilator. The device costs rather much, but and it is possible to use it is long, without buying at the same time in addition any consumables. In salon it is possible to make laser epilation. Under the influence of laser beams the hair bulbs collapse, hair cease to grow.

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