How to take away mustache

How to take away mustache

Face hair for women real handful. Usually short moustaches over upper lip grow at elderly women during fading of genital function of organism – climax. It results from change of hormonal balance. But sometimes such surprise of the nature appears at young girls, than brings them set of inconveniences. How it is possible to remove short moustaches?

1. Usually for removal of mustache resort to plucking out by tweezers, but it is not ideal method. First, very painfully to delete with tweezers each hair, secondly, the dark bristle accrues soon, thirdly, small colourless hairs are pulled out, and anew they grow already more rough and dark.

2. Waxing (vaksing) not better than the previous method, however, hair are pulled out by time at all, but also amicably grow week later. Ready wax strips are available on sale. It is only necessary to warm them, to impose on skin and to draw aside sharply.

3. The sugar epilation (sugaring) is quite feasible in house conditions. The painful procedure, but for the sake of beauty it is necessary to suffer. It is simple to weld mix for sugaring. Granulated sugar and water in proportion one to ten, a little lemon juices will be required. On weak fire to bring mix to boiling, to boil a little more, there will be no brownish color yet. To check whether weight is ready, take for a drive fingers to steam of drops if the ball rolls down, then it is possible to begin to delete mustache. Roll sugar ball on hairs and pull off. Grease skin with cream.

4. One of ways of the solution of question how to remove short moustaches house conditions, use of depilatory creams is. It is possible to use such cream only to those who have no allergy. Effect of cream consists in destruction of keratin therefore the hair quickly is removed. Besides, regular use of depilatory cream gradually destroys hair bulb, growth of hair slows down and stops.

5. But against female mustache saloon procedures are recognized as the most effective methods: electroepilation, laser epilation, bioepilation, photoepilation and quantum epilation. All these procedures are very popular and will help to remove short moustaches for a long time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team