How to take away red cheeks

How to take away red cheeks

Reddenings on cheeks can appear for various reasons, for example, because of rashes. Also through reddening about itself any disease can let know. In that case address experts better. If reddening at you is connected with appearance of pimples and eels, take some advice.


1. First, that the available rashes have disappeared, and new have not arisen, you have to wash always correctly. The concept ""correctly"" is meant as two-triple washing (in day). Do not increase this quantity, otherwise you will achieve only the increased production of skin fat, and respectively, only increases in problem zones.

2. Secondly, you have to think in advance of means for washing: from the available range of similar products (various gels, tonics, mousses, skins) you need to pick up that means that will suit you. Of course, consider at the same time the type of skin (dry, fat, mixed), age. If you use improper means (for example, you will buy dry skin toner, and you have it inclined to fat content), then only aggravate situation, quantity of the inflamed points will increase.

3. To get rid of reddenings on skin, buy medical paraffin (it can be done in drugstore). Then just kindle it and you apply on the necessary sites of skin. As soon as paraffin stiffens, can remove it. After the procedure surely grease skin with cream with the content of vitamins A and E.

4. Try to prepare mask from cinnamon and honey. For preparation about one teaspoon of each ingredient needs. As soon as you mix them, can apply on the inflamed sites of skin at once. It is necessary to hold such mask for 20 or 25 minutes. For obtaining the greatest effect impose mask regularly the first two-three weeks.

5. By the way, good anti-inflammatory action also clay possesses (especially white and green). Therefore you can add to mask also it (or to replace with it cinnamon). By the way, if you have no cinnamon in powder, add essential oil of cinnamon (literally there will be enough two-three drops). There is also other mask, it is on sale in drugstores (it is possible to get it in the form of gel or powder). Such mask is made of nonsense, but before you apply it to face skin, test as it can cause in you allergic reaction.

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