How to take away the drooped cheeks

How to take away the drooped cheeks

It is wrong to consider that only the plastic surgery is capable to cope with marks which time leaves on our face. The correct skin care, healthy food, physical activity not only prolong life, but also considerably improve its quality.


1. The face exercises (so-called feysbuilding) directed to recovery of elasticity of mimic muscles, skin of cheeks will help to restore its oval. It is important to begin in time. Begin with upper part of the drooped cheeks: - Inflate both cheeks, detain air within 5-10 seconds and sharply weaken. Repeat exercise of 10-15 times; - Again gather air in mouth, having blown out cheeks, but this time drive it up-down, to the right-to the left, then around. Do all these actions of 10-15 times; - Blow the air gathered in cheeks pushes, through thin shchelochka between lips. It has to turn out "Pukh-pukh-pukh". Make 10 such breaths and exhalations. Then blow air alternately through corners of lips. Number of repetitions the same; - Put palms on the person: the middle of palm on lips, fingers – on cheeks. Smile, resisting at the same time fingers. Do not forget to relax cheeks after each smile;

2. Do not forget also about strengthening of the lower part of cheeks: - "Conversation of two monkeys". Impose upper lip on lower, then on the contrary. Repeat 10-15 times; - Extend neck, slightly open mouth and you will expose lower lip, directing it to nose. Relax; - Extend lips as it is possible stronger, put them tubule and pochmokayta. All these exercises not only will help to reduce effect of "bulldog's cheeks", but also to improve shape of lips. Their contour will become more accurate, and lips slightly will increase in sizes.

3. For increase in elasticity of skin cells use collagenic masks and also regularly visit beauty shop to make there lifting and miostimulyation of the person. The first procedure tightens skin, the second does muscles by more elastic that in general favorably affects appearance of the person: the oval is tightened, skin is leveled, small wrinkles disappear.

4. Every evening and morning you carry out pats by towel on chin. For this purpose moisten it in the added some salt water, twist in plait and pulling, weakening, make massage of chin and the lower part of cheeks. After that wash and apply the moisturizing cream.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team