How to take away the grown nail

How to take away the grown nail

When the corner of nail grows into the soft fabrics surrounding it, there is onikhokriptoz, disease causing severe pain when walking. On finger there can be hypostasis, and afterwards and suppuration. Nail it is necessary to treat.

It is required to you

  • - Iodine;
  • - Furacilin;
  • - camomile broth;
  • - baking soda.


1. At the first symptoms of the beginning disease take shower, and after that, using Q-tips, fill in sore point with iodine that skin has completely become impregnated. Repeat the procedure every day.

2. Several days later after iodine dries skin in the place of adjunction of nail, pain will begin to leave, and the grown nail will begin to rise slightly. Under it you will be able to see small cavity. At this time it is necessary, having steamed out leg, to try to remove the risen nail corner with scissors. Act accurately not to injure skin. Having removed the excess site of nail plate, you prizhgit iodine finger and grease with layer of some regenerating ointment, for example, Sinaflan or Solkoseril. In the future the nail will grow in the right direction.

3. That the nail did not begin to grow again, once a week do warm baths with broth of camomile or soda. Do not cut nails too shortly, and during the procedure you watch that the sheared edge was parallel to the nail roller. Use nail file to avoid acute angles.

4. At the first manifestations of pain do twice a day bath with warm water, adding Furacilin solution. For the night it is recommended to put the compress made of Furacilin solution to the inflamed place (to dissolve one tablet in glass of boiled water).

5. Doctors recommend operation on removal of nail plate by method of bilateral excision which is performed under local anesthesia and about 4 minutes last. For this purpose use radio electrothermic coagulation method, the laser or scalpel. Unfortunately, after removal of nail plate not always the nail changes the direction of growth.

6. The laser surgery is recognized as less traumatic method today. Experts make full sanitation of the center of purulent inflammation by means of the special laser when the plate and edge of nail evaporate. Skin fabrics at this operation do not touch. By means of beam of the laser form tunnel under skin, using which, carry out "evaporation" of part of root of nail.

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