How to take away the lower tummy

How to take away the lower tummy

How modern doctors of the women exhausting themselves with low-calorie diets abused, need to lose weight sometimes really is. Sometimes disposal of extra 5-10 kilos allows to reduce risk of heart diseases, to remove asthma, again to enjoy pleasures of sexual life. But sharp weight reduction not always well affects figure: you look in mirror, and the tummy which there has drooped and flabby skin. It is difficult to fight against it, but it is possible.


1. It is impossible to finish with tummy only diets. It is for this purpose important to put digestive tract and urinary system in order. You will be helped with it by the food rich with cellulose and plentiful drink. Drink glass of the warm water acidified by lemon juice in the morning. For half an hour before each meal drink mineral water. Water not only brings slags out of organism, but also accelerates metabolism. In the first days it is possible to give enemas with salty water for strengthening of effect.

2. It is very important to bring stomach muscles into tone. The most effective are exercises on press and occupations with hoop. Get hoop in any sports shop. As it hollow inside, it can be weighted by means of sand, salt or rice. The hoop is heavier, the exercises will be more effective. However it is necessary to remember that after the delivery, especially Caesarian, the heavy hoop is not recommended to be twisted in order to avoid divergence of muscles of stomach.

3. So, begin the exercises with warming up of muscles of press by means of hoop. As your purpose is combustion of fat and strengthening of muscles, it is necessary to twist hoop not less than 20 minutes as only through this period in organism processes on active destruction of reserves of fat are started. And time you have warmed tummy, first of all fat will leave it.

4. Exercises on press are traditional liftings of direct legs in prone position, body raising and also tension and relaxation of muscles of stomach. You monitor breath, pulse, rate of performance of exercises and their quantity. If you feel that it became simple to you to carry out some movements – complicate them, use additional cargo.

5. And the last, but not less important. Skin of stomach needs to be massed daily, straining press muscles and if on it there are extensions, then it is obligatory to use special means from them.

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