How to take away the second chin

How to take away the second chin

The second chin can appear both at full, and at slender people. People of all ages and sexes are subject to this misfortune, but fight against it is still not up to the end clear. It is possible to take away the second chin in several ways, each of which demands efforts and time.


  1. Be engaged in skin care. The second chin represents the drooped skin lost elasticity and elasticity. Besides, under it the fat layer often accumulates. To remove this unnecessary part, take care of recovery of skin and its ability to regeneration. Daily moisten chin with creams, twice a week do the tightening masks.
  2. You apply cream with massage movements. On the center of neck move up from the line of clavicles with small pressing. On each side movements have to be directed down. Finish putting cream pats from below up the palm back.
  3. Do gymnastics. Specially developed set of exercises will allow to return tone to muscles and elasticity skin. Several months of daily work on itself will yield good results if you are not lazy to spend ten minutes a day for gymnastics. Concentrate attention on the neck, provide that to your chin have hung up heavy load. It pulls you down, and you have to resist it. Raise chin up, throwing back the head back. Neck muscles at the same time are in tension. Repeat rise five-seven times.
  4. Delay lower lip down so that teeth of the lower jaw became visible. Be late in the provision of the maximum tension for thirty seconds, then relax. Repeat three times.
  5. Cast away the head back. Push the lower jaw forward and pull it up, trying to touch by lower lip of the nose. Make such movements for one minute.
  6. Incline the head to the right, having displaced at the same time jaw in the same party. Be late in tension for thirty seconds. Repeat the same actions, but to the left.
  7. Strain upper and lower lip. Detain this situation and serially you say sounds at and and.
  8. Lay down on back, leave the head on weight. Raise the head, having reached the maximum tension, and be late in this situation for twenty seconds.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team