How to take away the second chin house conditions

How to take away the second chin house conditions

The weakened muscles of chin and neck distort face form and add to you flying. It is possible to improve chin in house conditions. Pick up firming creams, masks and wrappings, master simple set of exercises - already in few weeks of muscle and skin will become more tightened.

Creams and masks

For consolidation of skin and easy lifting choose creams with collagen and vitamins. It is desirable to buy cream together with serum which will strengthen its action. For bigger effect serum can be used courses for 2 weeks, alternating means. For example, at first use serum with lifting function, in two weeks take break. Then use actively moisturizing serum, and then it is possible again will return to tightening.

It is desirable to divide means into night and day. Night cream actively nourishes skin and promotes its regeneration. Day protects it from negative impact of the sun, possesses the tightening action. It is very good to use special neck creams - they contain more lipids as skin in this area usually dry.

For maintenance of chin in tone regularly do masks and compresses. For example, egg white has the excellent tightening properties. Slightly shake up it, add a little fresh cottage cheese and teaspoon of olive or almond oil. Pound everything in homogeneous mass. Apply mask for 20 minutes on the purified skin of chin and neck, then wash away it warm water. Well both alternate cold and hot compresses work. Grease skin of chin and neck with nutritious cream. In two bowls pour water - cold (in it it is possible to lower several cubes of ice) and hot. In each capacity lower small terry towel. Serially put the wrung-out towels to chin, having finished the procedure with cold compress.

Exercises for the second chin

Special exercises will help to cope with the second chin. All complex will take no more than 5 minutes. It is better to do it twice a day - after awakening and before going to bed. Finish the procedure putting day or night cream. Begin gymnastics for chin with strokings by the back of palms. Then do rotary motions by the head, turns to the left and to the right, inclinations forward and back. Try to carry out exercises with the maximum amplitude, watching that painful feelings in backbone have not appeared. Take pencil in mouth, holding it densely close lips. "Write out" in air of figure or letter. It is important to feel tension of muscles of neck and chin. Have a rest several seconds and make the second set. Relax lips, and then sharply lower their tips down - the contemptuous grimace will turn out. To be convinced, what are you doing exercise is correct, put palm on neck - you will feel the strong tension of muscles. Make 6-10 repetitions. Finish mini-complex intensive pats of chin and cheeks the backs of palms. Skin has to be warmed - inflow of blood means that massage and exercises you have executed wholeheartedly.

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