How to take away the stretched skin

How to take away the stretched skin

Not seldom it happens so that after weight loss skin stretches and loses former elasticity, and on the former problem zones folds are formed. To return to skin elasticity – task not simple, but feasible if to approach its decision in a complex.


1. Drink more liquid. During the day you have to use not less than one and a half liters of drinking water. It promotes improvement of metabolism, enrichment of cages with useful substances and return of elasticity of skin.

2. Use special creams. Get in drugstore the means for recovery of the stretched skin corresponding to that problem site which needs to return elasticity and to tighten. Such cream increase the speed of cell regeneration, protect and smooth skin. To enhance effect of their application, use national drugs. Has best of all proved means, under the name mumiyo. It richly mineral substances and vitamins. It is necessary to add mumiyo directly to cream, calculated on the basis of 1:4 respectively.

3. Accelerate process of disposal of the stretched skin by means of massage. It will improve blood supply in epithelium that will give to skin additional elasticity. Carry out massage as follows. You lay down on back and pinch from time to time yourself on problem zones. Continue the movement by pinches clockwise. After massage apply the restoring cream.

4. To improve blood circulation and to eliminate dead cells from problem zones, use srubs. You can get them in drugstore or independently prepare. It is necessary to apply srub from below up, the massing movements clockwise.

5. It is impossible to fix problem of the stretched skin without the aid of exercises. Carry out complex of power exercises, pay attention to muscles of problem sites. Strengthen muscles of press, legs and hands. Besides, occupations dances or aerobics can have salutary effect.

6. Daily take contrast shower. It stimulates blood supply that promotes smoothing of fabrics. Pound skin rigid bast from natural fibers.

7. Do not forget about healthy nutrition. The diet with the increased amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin C will promote the fastest elimination of the stretched skin. Enter low-fat grades of red fish, broccoli and pomegranate into the diet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team