How to take away thick cheeks

How to take away thick cheeks

The wrong balance of liquid in organism or peculiar shape of cheekbones can be the cause of emergence of chubby cheeks. You should not try to take away chubby cheeks weight loss creams — it can cause irritation and will not yield desirable results.


1. Cheeks can seem thick because of excess of liquid in body. You will be able easily to correct face contour and to take away cheeks, having settled water balance in organism. It is possible to make it by means of diuretic herbs or having excluded hot spices and salt from the diet. Small physical activities and the normal mode of dream will also help to restore water balance.

2. Good means for correction of shape of face is the Japanese massage of Asahi. It prolongs skin youth, levels wrinkles and raises tone of facial muscles. Owing to what, the shape of face is adjusted, and cheeks decrease. The most effective exercise from technique of Asahi: bend hands in elbows, put palms on cheeks and slightly pull in the parties then run hands along cheeks and neck. It is necessary to carry out exercise two-three times a day.

3. Try to use such exercise: make deep breath, gather in mouth of air and densely close lips. Now apply palms to cheeks and press, trying to resist to this pressure. Repeat exercise of 7-8 times.

4. One more useful exercise for improvement of shape of face: thrust thumb for cheek, pressing it to gum, and delay cheek a little from within. Straining muscles, try to reach cheek back for gum. In the same way carry out exercise for the left side of the person.

5. To add elasticity to cheeks, carry out such exercise: provide that behind cheek at you ball from air. By effort of muscles, roll it in mouth from one cheek in another through upper lip. Thus, you will lift the general tone of facial muscles and reduce swelling of cheeks.

6. Sometimes thick cheeks are just specifics of shape of face and it is possible to correct it only in the surgical way. As a last resort, try to hide full cheeks by means of accessories or correctly picked up hairstyle.

7. If fat deposits became the reason of emergence of full cheeks, then it is possible to cope with problem by means of the balanced diet and the general weight reduction. At complex weight loss, the person will become thinner and more graceful first of all.

8. One more way to take away thick cheeks is resection of little bodies of Bish, simple operation which will reduce the volume of the lower part of buccal area. As a result you receive a little hollow cheeks and beautifully outlined line of cheekbones.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team