How to take away tummy house conditions

How to take away tummy house conditions

tummy and slender waist – symbol of youth and appeal. It would be remarkable if this area always only pleased. But as often we are upset by the sticking-out stomach! Whether it is possible to take away it house conditions, without resorting to the help of the expert? What needs to be done for this purpose?


  1. Organize the food. Absolutely it is not obligatory to keep to diet, and especially, to starve itself. Follow simple rules, and very soon from your tummy there will be no trace left also. Basic principles of food: - do not overeat, you watch the volume of portions; - try to eat less high-calorie food, forget about semi-finished products and fast food, use as little as possible sweets and flour products; - exclude beer and carbonated drinks from diet; - eat vegetables and fruit, low-fat meat, fish; - drink during the day as much as possible usual drinking water; - do not gorge on for the night. If are hungry – drink glass of kefir.
  2. Play sports. Any. In house conditions it is possible to master kallanetika or aerobics by means of the training disk, to jump with jump rope, to be engaged in run or to go just regularly at fast speed – everything will do good to your figure, will allow to take away tummy and to create beautiful press. Acquaintances to you since school times of exercise are very effective: swing of press, scissors, bicycle, various twisting of torso. You twist hoop, it is better with massage weightings. Such simple exercise will become excellent training for press: scatter box of matches on floor and collect matches on one bending, but not bending leg in knees. Do so daily, the effect will not keep itself waiting.
  3. Carry out special stomach exercises: - lying on spin with the legs bent in knees, holding behind the hand head, raise body, tearing off from shovel floor. Strain stomach muscles. Return to starting position; - sitting on floor, raise legs by 45 degrees, strain muscles of stomach and bring the bent legs to breast. Bending knees, do exhalation, and straightening them – breath; - in hanging on the Swedish wall lift and lower legs; - lying on spin, smoothly lift and lower the legs bent in knees.
  4. Look after body. Perfectly the contrast shower tones up muscles, accepting it, pound body rigid brush. Massage problem zones, using cream against cellulitis or usual vegetable oil.

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