How to take baths

How to take baths

We take bath not only in the hygienic purposes, but also with the purpose to have a rest and relax. Even just the bathtub with warm water renders curative effect and promotes removal of stresses, calm of nervous system and moistening of skin. The effect of relaxation is connected with the fact that the body shipped in water becomes easier therefore almost all groups of muscles relax, and cease to send signals to brain. It, in turn, allows to relax also to brain. But it is necessary to take baths correctly too.


  1. Observe temperature condition, water has to be only two-three degrees higher than temperature of your body. It is necessary to take bath on hungry stomach or in a couple of hours after meal. Try to limit time of stay in bathtub for 20 — 25 minutes as it is load of heart. If you take hot bath, then try not to immerse area of heart in water and you do not lie not movably, do movements by hands, bend and unbend legs.
  2. As the bathtub has the weakening effect, it is better to carry out this procedure in the evening, before going to bed, when. It is not necessary to hurry anywhere any more for strengthening of this effect and inhalation, apply various salts according to the compounding specified on packing. It is possible to add to water on some drops of essential oils – cedar, orange, lavender, pink tree.
  3. Combine acceptance of bathtub with self-massage. Only consider that massage lines have to match the directions of the movement of lymph and you remember that areas where lymph nodes are located, it is impossible to mass. Massage can be done by hands, rigid hair bast, special massage brush or stream of the shower sprayer, having placed it under water. Such massage is capable to slow down process of aging of skin and to keep integuments in tone.
  4. Vann should not apply more often than 1-2 times a week as at this procedure skin loses a lot of fat and becomes dry. Stay in bathtub softens the keratosic layers therefore use pumice or rigid brush in places with the coarsened skin – elbows, heels. After bathtub do not forget to grease them with layer of the moisturizing cream.
  5. Having left bathtub, pound body terry towel, grease body skin with special milk, lotion or the moisturizing cream. Turn back in bath robe to preserve half an hour which is saved up warmly and still at least have a little a rest.

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