How to take contrast shower

How to take contrast shower

Hardening by means of contrast shower strengthens organism. Under the influence of the slight stress caused by temperature difference the activity of nervous system and integument is stimulated. Also the immunity becomes stronger, the mood is lightened, and the resilience to adverse factors of the external environment improves.

Application of contrast shower is contraindicated to people with cardiovascular diseases, thrombophlebitis and oncology. Sharp temperature differences are not useful at tonsillitis, catarrhal and viral diseases. Women in the period of periods also should refrain from the medical procedure as it can provoke bleeding. The regularity and consecutive increase in difference of temperatures are considered as main rules of reception of contrast shower.

It is better to begin hardening in warm season. The organism will gradually get used to it, and by winter cold weather the immunity will get stronger. The season of colds and flu will show how many benefit contrast douches bring.

The procedure has to be daily, it is gradually allowed to increase the number of hardenings to 2 times a day. Recommend to get used to contrast shower step by step. The first few days it is necessary to have a shower bath alternately moderately hot and cool water.

The first few days the contrast shower can cause unusual feelings, but over time becomes pleasant and even darling.

The organism gets useful stress during change of temperature condition. At first it is necessary to have a shower bath warm water, and then is hotter within 30 seconds. The body will get warm, and there will come the turn of cool douche, no more than 10-15 seconds. Further again also the cold shower follows hot, and it. At hot douche it is necessary to remember that you should not cut off cold water supply absolutely, otherwise it is possible to get serious burns of skin. The body itself will prompt temperature contrast, tolerant for it. At first alternations of warm and cold cycles of the procedure should not exceed 4-5 times for session. And water temperature has to be pleasant for body, otherwise process of adaptation of organism to useful hardening will be dragged out. In process of accustoming it is necessary to increase time of douches, having finished them to the maximum 1-1.5 minutes on each alternation. And it is recommended to change temperature conditions at most 15-20 times. It is important to remember that it is necessary to take contrast shower without douche of the head. Temperature influence needs to subject only body, stimulating the nervous terminations.

Skin thanks to such douches gains smoothness and silkiness, it rejuvenates.

Violation of this rule is capable to cause stroke or problems with pressure. It is necessary to finish the procedure cool douche, having rinsed with water nape and face, it will protect brain from overheating. Having finished reception of shower, it is necessary to be pounded by rough towel and to give to body the chance "to breathe" within several minutes. It is recommended to go outside not earlier than in 30 minutes after the procedure. The contrast shower is useful to the people having obesity, with reduced vitality and predisposed to frequent colds. It promotes improvement of metabolism, removal of slags and toxins from organism and, the main thing, increases resilience to various infections. Persons interested to be engaged in hardening are recommended to specify at the doctor whether the contrast shower at your health will be useful. Or it is worth picking up other type of douches recommended personally to you by the physiotherapist. Remember that hardening at the wrong approach is capable to bring not only benefit, but also harm.

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