How to tame appetite

How to tame appetite

stretched stomach practically is always the reason of excess weight. To reduce it and, therefore, to reduce appetite there are even special operations. However people who decide on them have opportunity forever to remain disabled people. Rigid diets and restrictions in food also lead to failures and unstable work of organism. Excessive hobby for diets can negatively affect the state of health, chronic diseases can become aggravated or appear new sores. The simplest exit from this situation is to try to tame the appetite.

It is required to you

  • For this purpose you need remarkable will power. Besides, it is necessary to reconsider the diet and also diet.


  1. In several minutes before food drink glass of boiled water. Water will fill stomach and will not allow to eat superfluous during meal. By the way during the day it is very useful to drink water or tea periodically. However do not try to drink for time all day norm (for adult person it is two liters), it, on the contrary, stretches stomach.
  2. Deceive your organism. Buy small flat plate. Any portion of food in it will look huge. Cut food on small pieces, will seem so that to its bolsheeshta, slowly, carefully chewing food. It will allow to be saturated much more smaller amount of food.
  3. Surely enter into your diet fresh vegetables, fruit and also products which part complex carbohydrates are. Various porridges and also pasta of firm grades for a long time dull feeling of hunger and also give to organism the mass of energy.

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