How to thin out bang

How to thin out bang

Too long bang can turn your life into the real nightmare, constantly striving to get directly into eyes. At the same time it is obvious that you do not want to go to the hairdresser for the sake of only one bang simply. Well, in that case truncate it, and also profile. So you will be able to save the precious time and money.

It is required to you

  • - Sharp ordinary scissors;
  • - Thinning shears;
  • - Hairbrush;
  • - Clips.
  • - Water bottle with spray.


  1. At first separate the number of hair which you need to truncate by means of hair partings. Strengthen other hair on the head clips that they were not stirred.
  2. That bang it was easier to tonsure, moisten it with water from bottle with spray. Comb hair exactly on forehead. Then divide them into three locks – central, right and left. The left hand clamp the central lock of boundaries average and index fingers (if you the right-handed person also cut the right hand). Further pull hair, having measured the necessary length of hair. The forefinger at you has to rest against nose bridge. Consider that the dried hair will be truncated a little, though it is insignificant.
  3. Having chosen length, do not unclench fingers and do not stop to hold stretch of hair. The hand from the face needs to be removed on 5-7 cm. Now the scissors clamped in the right hand cut off excess hair under the back of your fingers. Hair will fall to the newspaper which is carefully enclosed by you before hairstyle not to cover floor with hairs.
  4. Now the turn of the right lock has come. Comb it once again, then clamp fingers just as you did earlier. Also take small amount of hair from already shortened central lock. So you will not lose with length of hair. Then the same way tonsure the remained lock.
  5. And now it is possible to start tapering. So the bang will not puff up and will look in general it much more nice. Take for this purpose special most several times that the similarity not of hard flagellum has turned out. The lock at the same time is better to hold with the left hand, and scissors – respectively, right. Make couple of cuts: the first in the middle of bang length, the second – having receded 1-2 cm from the lower edge. In the same way process the remained locks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team