How to throw off 5 kg in 5 days

How to throw off 5 kg in 5 days

There are situations when it is necessary to put urgently body in order for short term. To throw off several kilogram to get into favourite dress, to be prepared for responsible action. Similar experiments harm organism, however, sometimes they are inevitable.


  1. Drink not less than 2 liters of water a day, exclude from diet fat, sweet, flour, salty. Do not eat less than in 2-3 hours prior to dream, daily carry out cardioexercises, in cooking time, replace products with less caloric, in such mode in the first days you will get rid of several kilograms.
  2. There is large number of express diets on which sowing it is possible to get rid of several kilograms for short term. Breakfast: eat one boiled egg, drink cup of tea or coffee without sugar. The second breakfast: 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese, wash down with glass of vegetable juice, or the fat-free kefir. Lunch: 150 g of boiled low-fat fish or meat, vegetable salad fill with apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, eat one orange or 150 g of cherry, strawberries or sweet cherries. Dinner: cup of herbal tea without sugar. By such principle it is necessary to eat within 5 days, play sports, will be even long foot walks enough.
  3. For cleaning of organism, and also for weight loss it is possible to arrange several fasting days during which drink only herbal teas. Perfectly unloads organism the following sequence of herbs: the 1st day – the липа2nd-y day - mistletoe the ивная3rd-y day - mistletoe ivny, make together with linden. the 4th day – mistletoe, linden, honey make herbs the вместе5th-y day - lemon, mistletoe, linden and medical make all together. Make tea, let's it infuse and drink during the day.

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