How to tie bow on hair

How to tie bow on hair

Magnificent bows on hair of girls of any age steadily cause affection. There is even whole science which is devoted to setting of the most various bows. How beautifully and quickly to tie bow on the head?

It is required to you

  • Bow of any color and any texture - kapron, satin, corrugated or smooth.


  1. To tie usual bow, smooth kapron tapes of small length will be required. At first your hairstyle will need to be recorded usual scrunchy. Now pass directly to setting of bow. Knot so that the right part was longer than left. Their ratio is better to take about 1:3. Put long edge of bow. Then tie it short edge. Straighten your creation. The magnificent and beautiful bow has to turn out.
  2. Having learned to tie usual bow, it is possible to pass to corrugated. It is perfectly fixed directly in the field of node. Tie bow on hair exactly on its middle. At the same time it is important to tighten it with sufficient force. Then repeatedly to stick and to tighten also strongly. At the same time it is necessary to track that the first node was not weakened. Then straighten edges. The bow made in such simple way looks very interestingly.
  3. To build collected bow on hair, it is necessary to take any tape (will approach both smooth, and corrugated), on all its length to pass strong thread. Then the thread needs to be tightened. To sew all this design to the elastic band suitable on color. The bow on elastic band has turned out. Thanks to such already ready bow the process of production of hairstyles is facilitated. Bow it is possible to rob not thread, but fishing line, then it will turn out very volume, and thanks to it even more beautiful.
  4. Bows from satin ribbons. Such the invoice badly holds double knots. Therefore it is the best of all to do on such tapes only unary. Beautifully looks when the ends of tapes very long and, besides, freely hang down.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team