How to tie braids

How to tie braids

Recently the increasing popularity is gained by such jewelry of female hairstyles as braids. There are many ways of their weaving, each of which introduces the unique highlight at image.


  1. The simplest option – classical braid which very quickly and easily to tie. For this purpose well comb hair and divide them into three equal parts. Take the left lock and cross it with average, then do the same with the right lock. Further repeat process until you weave long braid. Fix its tip by elastic band or other beautiful accessory.
  2. You can make classical braid hard or weakened, long or short. Everything depends on your individual preferences.
  3. To create image of ease and romanticism, braid classical braid on one side, previously having combed lock of hair in the necessary party.
  4. If you want to be ultrafashionable, you should tie the braids called dreadlocks. For this purpose at first weave many small classical. Then wind everyone with wool, carefully grease with wax and roll in hands before formation of round shape. For creation of dreads length of hair has to be about ten centimeters. It will be impossible to untwine them in consequence therefore it is necessary to cut off.
  5. If you love practicality, but at the same time want to be fashionable, try to tie braids in the African style. Divide hair into small equal locks and begin to braid everyone in braid. It is necessary to do it from the roots, trying not to pull hair. Foreign materials are always interwoven into African braids. For example, kanekalon or the processed natural hair of various shades. What exactly to choose, decide according to the preferences.
  6. It is possible to tie braids absolutely differently. Be not afraid to experiment and create new unique images. Whether there will be they romantic, elegant or ultramodern and bright – depends on your vision.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team