How to tighten body skin

How to tighten body skin

Who does not want to have the equal, tightened and elastic skin? Question, probably, superfluous. The beautiful body is pleasant to all: it is pleasant to look at it, it is pleasant to touch it. Problems with elasticity of skin can arise for various reasons: age, sharp weight loss, childbirth. Of course, in each specific situation the individual approach is necessary.


1. The main problem of the flabby or drooped skin – the shortage of collagen. For fight against it use cosmetics for body with collagen content. Enter into day diet the products stimulating updating of collagenic fibers in organism (papaya, pineapples).

2. Include so-called vibration exercises in the program of daily physical activities, carry out them not less than 10 minutes a day. Well promote lifting of skin swimming (not less than two hours a week) and belly dance.

3. Water procedures, in particular contrast shower and douches, have proved as great way for fight against the skin losing tone long ago. To achieve results, you carry out procedures daily. After shower be pounded by terry towel. These procedures help to improve blood circulation that too promotes increase in elasticity of skin.

4. Take baths with the oils promoting increase in tone of skin. Such oils are often applied to fight against cellulitis, but they make also the general strengthening impact.

5. Well massage tightens body skin. Massage can be carried out manually with use of the special creams and oils raising skin tone. Also massage can be carried out with use of additional resources, for example, of special brushes which pound problem places.

6. Salons can offer for these purposes hydromassage procedures (the massage of problem zones which is carried out by means of the directed water stream) and special programs of the adjusting massage. The mesotherapy and acupuncture lifting (stimulation of growth and lifting of skin by means of punctures) are designed to improve skin after sharp weight loss in certain places.

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