How to tighten breast after feeding

How to tighten breast after feeding

Women after the delivery have quite frequent problem not absolutely perfect condition of breast. It loses the elasticity and droops. Improvement of shape of breast is promoted by strengthening of pectoral muscles and stimulation of normal blood supply. Carrying out certain exercises, it is possible to bring breast to fine state.

It is required to you

  • - rug for exercises


1. OtzhimaniyaTakiy exercise is carried out lying on stomach, leaning hands in floor. Hands - at shoulder length, elbows are placed, back and legs - on one line. On breath lower trunk, bending elbows, on exhalation – lift. At first it will be difficult wrung out from floor therefore carry out exercise on bench. On the first time of squeezing there have to be not less than 10.

2. Exercise with emphasis of koleneyladona arrange on floor at the level of shoulders, straighten fingers forward, you upiritsya by knees in floor. Further it is necessary to carry out squeezing.

3. Exercise with ladonyamiv standing position put legs at shoulder length, put palms at the level of breast fingers up. Into the account "one-two" small pillows of palms are necessary with effort to squeeze, into the account "three" - to develop fingers on itself, into the account "four" - to straighten palms, into the account "five" - to lower hands down, into the account "six" - hands develop in palm again. Repeat exercise of 10 times.

4. The exercise which is carried out rukamidlya performance of this exercise it is necessary to spin alternately in air outstretched arms forward and back.

5. The exercise which is carried out by fingers rukv standing position, legs at shoulder length hands are bent in elbows and raised at the level of the person. Link fingers to the maximum force then sharply stretch hands in the parties. Exercise on 12 times repeats.

6. Also for active stimulation of pectoral muscles it is necessary to make exercises on training of face muscles and neck. For this purpose delay corners of mouth down so that cervical veins were well visible on neck. As a result of such exercise the breast becomes more tightened and beautiful.

7. To receive the best result when performing exercises, it is recommended to use bra which will well support breast.

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