How to tighten breast and to make it elastic

How to tighten breast and to make it elastic

Agree that the elastic breast of the correct form is the indisputable dignity of the woman. Unfortunately, with age, it can sag and lose former magnificence a little. You will be able to avoid it if you constantly care for condition of your breast.


1. To keep shape of your breast use masks. Take 2 egg whites and shake up them with lemon juice in number of 1 tablespoon. Apply this mix on breast except nipples and leave on quarter of hour. After that wash away mix warm water and for contrast rinse cool. Mix 1 Teaspoon of the rose attar diluted with water with honey teaspoon. And two teaspoons of small ground or ground almonds. Apply on breast, on quarter of hour, and after passing of time, wash away mix warm water. Peel orange and small cut it. Mix with egg white and apply on area of breast, having covered from above with towel or napkin. After passing of 15 minutes wash away mix warm water and apply nutritious cream on your breast. Properly mix tablespoon of olive oil with cottage cheese tablespoon. Add teaspoon of fresh sour cream to mix, apply the received mix on breast for 15-20 minutes. Prepare mask from mix in equal proportions of milk and honey. Rub mix in breast and leave for 15-20 minutes. The mask from clay with addition of honey is also good. For this purpose mix honey and clay in equal proportions. Apply mix on napkin and apply to breast. In 20 minutes wash away residues of mix warm water. Mix 2 egg yolks with two tablespoons of cream of high fat content. Add teaspoon of fresh lemon juice to mix. Rub the received mask in breast skin. The mask is put approximately for 20 minutes.

2. As often as possible you carry out massage of breast with use of essential oils in number of several drops. Mix oils of sandal-wood tree, lavender or rose with one tablespoon of any vegetable oil. As basis you can take nut, almond or olive oil. Add several drops of above-mentioned essential oil to shower gel and, having applied mix on bast, use during acceptance of shower. Do not take too rigid bast – you can injure breast.

3. In daily trainings put emphasis on the exercises developing breast muscles: squeezing, pullings up, special exercises with ball or dumbbells, turns. All this will help to keep your breast in tone.

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