How to tighten eyelid skin

How to tighten eyelid skin

Each woman wants to remain young as long as possible. Novelties of modern cosmetology propose the mass of solutions of this question. First of all the age of the woman gives her face rather of wrinkle around eyes, flabby eyelid skin which after 35 flyings become already more noticeable.

It is required to you

  • - parsley
  • - egg
  • - lemon
  • - olive oil
  • - cucumbers


1. So, how to achieve that the eyelid skin as long as possible remained elastic? It is necessary to find out the reason of aging of eyelid skin. Women who do not adhere to healthy lifestyle are subject to the greatest risk, often get into stressful situations, overtire. One more reason – improper feeding and use of cosmetics not to destination. Many women use usual face eyelid skin cream. Whereas cosmetics for this zone differ on the properties and structure from all others radically.

2. It is possible to help eyelid skin independently, considering the following councils. Use masks for century from ice – excellent tonic which is capable to prolong youth of your eyelids for a long time.

3. You apply cosmetics for century accurately, without stretching skin.

4. For removal of make-up for about century take special means which part vegetable oils are.

5. Do masks. For example, mask from parsley. Small crush greens and put it on the closed eyes, having covered with wet towel wipes. You are in such situation 10-15 min.

6. One more mask which easily can quickly also be prepared independently: mask from yolk. Mix yolk with juice of half of lemon, add dried peel of the whole lemon and a little olive oil. You hold all this weight on the closed eyes of 20 min. It is desirable to wash away it warm milk. It calms and tightens eyelid skin.

7. It is also possible to use as the calming, tightening and tonic masks cucumbers and bags of tea.

8. Those women who trust modern technologies more than to folk remedies, can the Japanese facial massage (Asahi). Still the century is the best method of fight against slackness prevention. Protect the natural beauty!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team