How to tighten eyelids

How to tighten eyelids

around eyes – the thinnest and vulnerable. On it first of all wrinkles are formed, and with age it droops. It occurs because the body is in vertical position, and skin is affected by terrestrial gravitation. Radical method of tightening century – the plastic surgery called blefaroplastiky. But if everything is not so started, it is possible to improve eyelids in house conditions slightly.


  1. Every morning do massage century. For it it is necessary to prepare ice cubes from mint, camomile or mineral water with lemon juice. It is necessary to wipe with ice eyelids, beginning from the line of eyelashes and moving ahead to eyebrows. Movements have to be very accurate. It is also possible to conduct ice on upper eyelids in the direction from eye corner to outer edge, on lower – on the contrary.
  2. The eyelid skin is well tightened from silver tea spoon. It should be taken previously in the capacity filled with ice cubes. When the spoon strongly is cooled, it is necessary to put for several seconds it by centuries. It is necessary to repeat the procedure on 5-8 times every morning.
  3. After morning massage it is good to grease eyelids with small amount of sesame oil: it has the tightening effect and removes small wrinkles. Also the century will be suitable for greasing grape seeds oil. From time to time it is necessary to apply on eyelids mask from the shaken-up egg yolk and sesame, castor or olive oil. Musk should hold 10-15 minutes, and then to wash away accurately warm water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team