How to tighten face contour

How to tighten face contour

At any age of the woman dream to have beautiful, well-groomed face without bags under eyes, without the drooped cheeks and century. Wish that always their skin was equal, shining and healthy. Unfortunately, with age there are certain changes in structure of skin, facial muscles are weakened, the water and lipidic balance in cages is broken. It is over, all this not in the best way affects appearance. But all these changes can be suspended if it is correct to look after skin, to do massage, to train facial muscles, etc.


1. It is possible to tighten face contour by means of various creams, masks, serums. The modern cosmetic industry releases huge number of the products intended for age skin care. Vitamins and mineral substances which, nourishing skin with useful elements, tighten are part of such means, do to more elastic, give shine and health. For the best effect use cream, serums and other products from one series that they strengthened action of each other. But periodically change cosmetics as skin gets used to them and their efficiency decreases.

2. Correctly look after skin. Do not forget to purify it in the morning and before going to bed, to feed, humidify. In the morning or wipe skin in the evening with piece of cosmetic ice which raises tone, the effect of micromassage renders, allows to support muscles elastic. This means the fact that it can be made in house conditions is good. It is possible to freeze various broths of herbs. For example, ice from green tea has the toning, tightening and rejuvenating effect, is suitable for any type of skin. The ice prepared from the diluted juice of lemon or mint broth has the same properties.

3. Also special exercises will help to tighten face contour. Inflate cheeks, and densely close lips that air did not come out. Now put on cheeks of palm and you press on them hands. At the same time you have to feel resistance. Carry out this exercise within several seconds, then relax, take rest and repeat once again. If regularly to do this exercise, then through any time you will notice how your person became brought more up. The following exercise helps to fight against the drooped cheeks, chin, wrinkles. Put lips in the form of the letter "about". Press language as it is possible more densely to cheek and you drive it on it. Make about 20 movements language, and then repeat for other side of face. You say vowels, at the same time actively articulate lips. Make this exercise during couple of minutes every day, and the result will not keep itself waiting.

4. Laugh. During laughter about 80 groups of muscles work, including facial muscles are involved. Strengthening and increase in tone results from them, besides, wrinkles are smoothed. Therefore smile more often as it is useful not only for your appearance, but also for emotional state.

5. If for some reason house conditions it is impossible, then it is possible to resort to the help of plastic surgery. It is possible to tighten face contour in general or its separate parts, for example, to take away the drooped cheeks or chin, to get rid of bags under eyes. Indications to operation is deterioration in face contours in connection with reduction of content of collagen in skin cells. The effect of operation remains within several years, then it is necessary to carry out repeated plastics. Contraindications: diseases of internals, infectious and oncological diseases, violations of blood clotting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team