How to tighten skin after the delivery

How to tighten skin after the delivery

Lifting of skin after the delivery is rather long and responsible process. But to achieve success quite perhaps, the main thing for you is to make all possible efforts.

1. It is extremely important to tighten the weak and drooped skin after the delivery also because only in this case normal blood circulation is restored, skin becomes elastic. It is extremely important to be engaged in lifting of stomach in time - otherwise the task much more will become complicated, skin will lose ability to take the former form. Therefore it is important to you to think over set of exercises and skin care as soon as possible!

2. We begin with soft ""pumping"" of the weakened and stretched muscles. Remember that at once you should not swing press with special enthusiasm - begin with the simple exercises short on duration. It is necessary to do them rather often, but only not several times. For example, classical stomach exercise: lay down on back, bend legs in knees and be hooked by feet for something, for example, the battery or bed. Now begin to tear off trunk, however, first not too highly. Do this exercise by small calling, listening to themselves. Even loadings gradually are short will normalize muscles as they will receive signal to development.

3. You can carry out about absolutely simple (even primitive!) and thus absolutely harmless exercise: having risen on tiptoe, properly pull hands up. Surprisingly, but this exercise also strengthens stomach muscles, awakens microcurrents in muscles and as result - your belt which was much more more tightened! Especially, it is possible to carry out it some once a day.

4. Aerobic loadings are extremely important for the tightened skin - otherwise the strengthened and pumped up muscles will not be visible. Dances, swimming, run - gradually begin to return to sufficient activity and also walk on foot more.

5. Massage - extremely effective and necessary remedy from the drooped skin. Massage helps cages ""to wake up"", and - it is better for muscles to react to exercises and procedures. The improved blood-groove kind of sends to skin signals to updating and pulling up so at skillful massage you will return former form pretty fast! It is the best of all to carry out massage with oils and special creams (for example, with the content of extracts of seaweed and the other plants strengthening skin). Skin obviously needs support and additional food - so the warmed-up mix from olive or apricot oil with addition of essential oil of orange or sweet grapefruit is the best decision for massage!

6. As for lifting of breast - then you can be helped by ordinary exercises with dumbbells! They very effectively influence muscles of breast and hands, as a result your breast is quickly enough tightened and takes good shape.

7. Surely use creams, oils and gels for maintaining elasticity of skin of breast - now it especially needs additional food and moistening.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team