How to tighten stomach skin

Each woman dreams to have beautiful body and the tightened tummy. That the figure looked ideally, and the stomach was flat and tightened it is necessary to treat achievement of this result very seriously. Very important at recovery of beauty and health of the figure to use comprehensive care behind body and surely physical activities. Very good method for lifting of skin of stomach is massage. Can perform this procedure both the expert, and the woman independently, being at home. There is nothing difficult in performance of massage, just it is important to observe the main recommendations about performance of massage and its interaction with means not to do harm to the organism. The main exercises for self-massage

It is required to you

  • Massage of the expert or self-massage, the cosmetic, looking after skin means, physical exercises.


1. Stroking. It is necessary to begin massage with easy stroking of stomach clockwise, at the same time slightly pressing on stomach, not causing discomfort.

2. Puddling. After stroking it is necessary to begin to warm up stomach skin. It is necessary to knead, observing naprvleniye from the lower part of stomach of the right side, aiming at top, at edges. Massage is made by fingers of hands rotary motions. Then the massazhirovaniye comes over to the left side.

3. Stroking by both hands. After puddling of skin of stomach it is necessary to pass to stroking with two hands, observing the sequence - from navel to sides.

4. Reeling. If the purpose of massage is disposal of fat deposits on stomach, then it is necessary to apply such exercise as reeling. Stroking of stomach by both hands so is for this purpose carried out that at the same time edge of the left hand it is necessary to press on stomach, and prvy to shift fold of skin at this time and to begin to knead it.

5. Pushing. To execute such exercise, it is necessary to stroke-oar at first stomach two hands, then one to press stomach, and to make another pushing the movement. Such movements has to be no more than 5.

6. Grinding. The following exercise - stomach skin grinding. It is carried out by two hands put by brushes rukperpendikulyarno to stomach and pounding by means of Rebrov of parts of palms.

7. Captures. By means of such exercise it is possible not only to tighten stomach skin, but also to reduce volume on buttocks, hips and waist. Skin will become elastic and elastic again. When performing this exercise it is necessary to hold hands in hands, it is necessary to make movements by bones of fingers up - down.

8. The finishing strokings. Easy stroking of stomach fingertips will be the finishing exercise.

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