How to tighten the drooped cheeks

How to tighten the drooped cheeks

Not only skin, but also face muscles is subject to influence of age. And especially noticeable are cheeks. Over the years their skilled elasticity is lost, and the drooped look gives to the face absolutely other form. But, despite difficulties of their restoration, it after all is possible. It is possible to improve the drooped cheeks as in beauty shops, and independently.


1. Quite often the obvisaniye of cheeks occurs after considerable weight reduction therefore important condition of preservation of their form is control of body weight. However these measures are effective in prevention. And for recovery of elasticity of skin of cheeks use integrated approach.

2. Successfully to tighten skin of cheeks, approach the solution of this problem from within. And in literal sense. Make deep cleansing of all systems of organism. It is important for replacement of old cages new, including skin cells.

3. Pass to rawism, i.e. vegetarian food. It promotes elasticity of fabrics and leather. And fill the need of organism for proteins at the expense of products of plant origin. Do not forget about additional intake of biologically active agents – vitamins, minerals, amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids. Each of these micronutrients directly or indirectly influences condition of skin and muscles.

4. Correctly look after skin of face which assumes daily evening clarification, food, day protection and weekly more deep cleansing of skin by means of bath or steam person bath. Do regularly nutritious face packs. Are especially useful honey, milk and honey, fruit and vegetable. Do not forget to consider type of skin and specific features of the person. As the same mask can overdry or humidify.

5. Along with above-mentioned measures start directly local impact on muscles and skin of cheeks. Be adjusted on long restoration of former shape of face. Use for this purpose the methods improving skin blood supply – massage and exercises for face muscles. They perfectly help to tighten skin of cheeks, and are recognized as the most effective methods. Carry out them daily not less than 6-9 months.

6. You do not hurry to tighten skin of cheeks by means of plastic surgery. It yields temporary result and demands long restoration. Moreover, maintenance of newly created shape of cheeks requires the same correct leaving, food, skin clarification, massage and exercises.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team