How to tighten tummy

How to tighten tummy

With approach of flying so there is a wish to wear short dresses, skinny jeans and short T-shirts which open beautiful flat tummy. But what to do if to tummy it is far to ideal? You should not despair, achieve desirable result possibly, without spending the whole days in fitness club.


1. For support of your tummy in shape rather properly to eat, clean organism, not to stoop, not to stick out stomach, to try to involve it in itself - over time you will get used to it. Muscles of your tummy get used to that situation in which they are. If you cease to stoop and will go with equal back, muscles of stomach will be in tone.

2. The next stage is healthy nutrition. Overeating, consumption of heavy greasy food for the night can do much harm not only to your stomach, but also all organism. Eating properly, you increase working capacity, improve health and promote improvement of the organism. Try to eat often, but in the small portions. Do not torment yourself with hunger - when the organism is in condition of stress, it begins to postpone fat deposits. You should not eat with large portions - so you will only stretch stomach. Do not do 10 having a snack during the day, try to drink more liquid, after six in the evening it is better not to eat (as a last resort eat at least in three hours before going to bed). Reduce the use of carbohydrates to minimum (pasta, bread, chocolate, potatoes, flour products).

3. If you love sweet tea, it is necessary to have tea with one spoon of sugar, but not with three.

4. Eat as much as possible fruit and vegetable beet, carrots, cabbage salads.

5. Do stomach exercises. For obtaining good result of occupation it is necessary to do daily fifteen minutes (is possible more, but it is not less). If work to you does not allow to do daily exercises, try at least four times a week, otherwise your efforts will be vain. Being engaged daily, in the nearest future you will see positive result: muscles to be tightened, ease in all body will appear.

6. You should not forget about clarification of organism. Every day in our organism slags which lead to deterioration in metabolism collect. To bring slags out of organism, it is enough to take bath with special salt.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team