How to tighten up eyelashes

How to tighten up eyelashes

, the nature has awarded not all girls with outstanding external data. However women have learned to take business in hand for a long time and to preen feathers by means of helpers and cosmetics. So, eyes can be made up, eyebrows - to pull out, and eyelashes - to tighten up that the look became mysterious and attracting. There are several ways to turn the cilia into ideal, the main thing is to remember care and not to be overzealous with targeting of beauty that eyes did not hurt then.

It is required to you

  • - the tightening-up mascara
  • - special tweezers Tonga
  • - castor oil
  • - visit of beauty shop


  1. The most habitual to much the way to tighten up eyelashes is to use the special tightening-up ink. As a rule, in it there is curved brush by means of which cilia can be twisted, applying ink with the tightening-up zigzag movements from below up. At the same time it is necessary to look directly, on the parties that it was easier to paint over corners. After putting ink in two layers on cilia it is desirable to walk special brush to remove lumps.
  2. There are special devices for wave of eyelashes in house conditions. These are tweezers Tonga which look as scissors with flat strips on the ends. It is necessary to tighten up them only clean (without ink) eyelashes, it is desirable - a little damp (but not such that from them water dripped). Take Tonga, reveal them, fix between them eyelashes closer by century, squeeze edges of tweezers. Take several minutes. then move Tonga above, again squeeze. Try to conduct tweezers smoothly and at all not to jam gentle eyelid skin. Such podkruchivaniye will keep only day therefore some use Tonga daily. However experts - cosmetologists do not advise to be fond of this way: it is traumatic, cilia quickly drop out.
  3. It is possible to make long-term podkruchivaniye of eyelashes in salon. It will be chemical wave as that that is done on hair. The procedure will occupy about half an hour, will put on mini-hair curlers cilia and will smear them with fixer. If the saloon wave is done by the professional, then it is completely safe. After visit of salon of eyelash will remain tightened up from one to three months. At the same time it is possible to use ink also.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team