How to tonsure bang

How to tonsure bang

Change of shape of bang can change completely your appearance – to make you slightly more young, to hide wrinkles or forehead blackheads. And also to do hair of unique - stylists claim that two identical bangs do not exist.


  1. Before cutting bang, it is necessary to pick up its form and length correctly. For this purpose look in mirror and think what shape of your face that in your appearance you would like to emphasize and what to hide.
  2. The shape of bang and hairstyle in general has to be such that outlines of your person were oval – this shape of face is considered ideal. If your oval face by nature, to you goes any bang.
  3. Long straight lines and the graduated bangs will be suitable for those at whom the person is extended. They will visually truncate and will expand face, having made its proportions correct.
  4. If your face has the square or round form, you are recommended to choose asymmetric and slanting bangs. It will be good to look the long slanting bang which has become recently to very fashionable.
  5. Owners of triangular (heart-shaped) face will suit bangs semicircle. They will visually make your face oval and will emphasize cheekbones and chin.
  6. Having decided on form and long bang, you can go to hairdressing salon or beauty shop where masters will work on you, and can tonsure bang independently in house conditions. It is not really difficult operation and if to do everything accurately, then you will do without the help of professionals.
  7. To make long direct bang, divide hair into two parts, having chosen locks which you want to stack in front. Comb and truncate them to the level of lower eyelid – so will work further easier. Then exactly cut off excess length in the direction from one edge of face to another. Now you can profile bang special scissors and if they are absent, truncate some locks just a little, cutting off hair at an angle. Now apply on bang skin for laying and lay their phenom.
  8. To make asymmetric bang, cut off long direct bang to the level of tip of nose or, at will, below. Now divide bang into three parts – two narrow side locks and one wide central. Now tonsure the central part at an angle so that its long part was slightly shorter than near side lock, and short – above eyebrows. Profile bang and comb it.
  9. Semicircle it is necessary to use more hair that it was more dense for bang. Therefore before cutting off direct bang basis, divide hair into two parts, having separated on front part a few hair from the top. Now make direct bang length to eyebrows. Halve it and cut each half semicircle in the direction from the center to edges.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team