How to tonsure bang independently

How to tonsure bang independently

The growing bang, especially on long hair and hair of average length, is noticeable at once. But it is not problem as to tonsure bang independently, passing record to the master, it is possible. It will be necessary to stock up with good hairdresser's scissors and to get the hand.

It is required to you

  • Mirror, thin hairbrush, sharp scissors, hairpin.


  1. Sit down in front of the mirror. Lighting in this place has to be good. Separate bang, and comb the main bush of hair back. Surely fix hair by hairpin, otherwise, they will be beaten out and to disturb you. Give the desirable form to hair parting. It can be in the form of straight line, triangle or letter P. Your head has to be located directly in front of the mirror. Do not change its situation and do not incline the head. Also try to hold the body body exactly.
  2. The hairstyle of bang is carried out in two traditional ways. It is possible to moisten or leave hair previously dry. Choose way at discretion, but consider that wet hair when drying will jump by centimeter. So, if you have decided to work with wet hair – wet them water and extend hairbrush if with dry – just comb them.
  3. It will be simpler to beginners to work with bang if to divide it into locks. For a start take extreme and cut off it. Later cut off also the others, putting them to the previous lock. Optimum thickness of locks – 1 cm. Scissors dispose perpendicularly or at a small angle to locks.
  4. Now you need to correct the ends of bang, thereby you will give it the form. Dry up hair. Thin out thick bangs. For this purpose both tapering, and ordinary scissors will fit. Working with the last, pull hair and take them a little aside. Partially open scissors and you slide edges on hair from the middle of lock. Pressing of scissors you can regulate the number of the cut-off hair. Pay attention, this process should be carried out, having a little dried hair, otherwise, you risk to cut off more, than it is necessary.
  5. For forming of torn edge of bang, delay hair up, clamp the ends and, having directed scissors under big corner, begin to cut off them.
  6. The equipment of hairstyle of slanting bang is similar to usual hairstyle. Hair are serially cut off by locks. It is necessary to begin with long edge of bang. Cut off this lock and lock from other edge, having planned their length. Then cut off locks at a small angle, gradually adjusting them to length of lock of the opposite edge. Upon termination of stage straighten the beaten-out locks. Smooth edges will become result of such hairstyle. If they seem to you simple, you can thin out them, or make edge of cut torn.
  7. During the work with dry hair you have to understand that it is difficult to cope from in such a way hairstyle even to the professional. Hairs at such hairstyle can lay down under different corners, thereby, complicating process of creation of shape of bang. Special difficulties can cause curly hair. Such difficult way has also plus: you can see length of locks at once.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team