How to tonsure beard

How to tonsure beard

you carry beard, the main rule – it has to be well-groomed, whatever form it was. And the choice of the last has to be caused not only own desire, but hair color. Otherwise the beard will untidy look.

It is required to you

  • - Scissors;
  • - hairbrush;
  • - mirror.


  1. Beard cut in clean and dry look. There are special shampoos for washing of beard. Buy special tools: hairbrush for beard, small scissors (manicure will not approach!), trimmer. Before starting beard hairstyle, carefully comb it, having raised hairs at the maximum length.
  2. All hairs have to lie in one direction. At first cut little by little. to cut beard the trimmer is possible. Expose the trimmer at length necessary to you and carefully conduct it on the combed small beard.
  3. If you cut beard independently for the first time, expose the trimmer at the maximum length, and then reduce it. If there is need, use the trimmer and for cutting of hair on neck.
  4. Begin hairstyle of beard from hairof on cheeks and neck. Then cut off hair from sides, watching that the sharp end of beard was located precisely on the line of the center of chin. Observe strict symmetry of sidelines.
  5. If you shave cheeks, begin hairstyle with shaving of cheeks. Then cut mustache, remove hair under lower lip and issue beard.
  6. Basic unit of hairstyle of beard – giving of form to it. Consider hair color – at dark hair and light skin the beard should not be very volume. If hair light or red, it is possible to leave wider beard – it will be excreted less against the background of the person. Figured small beards with the shaved sites are suitable for dark hair more – so they more noticeable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team