How to tonsure cascade

How to tonsure cascade

The cascade hairstyle is very popular among women of all age. It does not demand long laying, but if desired from it it is possible to do beautiful and elegant hair. This hairstyle is suitable practically for all types of hair. The fine, weakened hair deprived of volume thanks to cascade will look more densely and more volume. Beautifully this hairstyle both on wavy, and on straight hair looks. It is carried out quite simply, even the beginning hairdresser will be able to make it.

It is required to you

  • Hairbrush, scissors direct and tapering, hairpins for hair, the hair dryer, mousse for laying


  1. Prepare the head to the client for hairstyle. If necessary wash up it, and dry towel until hair become damp. Well comb them. Divide hair part of the head into the following zones: parietal, temporal and middle part of occipital zone, pin up hair that they were not stirred.
  2. On the top separate lock about 2 cm thick, extend it perpendicular to the head and cut at that height which you want. Only you watch that it has not turned out too short, otherwise, when hair dry, it will stick out in different directions. This lock will be control, other hair need to be cut, being guided by it.
  3. Now be engaged in occipital zone of the head. Dividing hair horizontal or vertical hair partings, bring up them to control lock and cut off direct cut at its level. In such a way process all occipital zone.
  4. Now cut parietal zone. She can be tonsured in several ways. It is possible to move from the top to forehead, separating locks horizontal hair partings, to cut off at the level of control. At this otchesyvayt hair at right angle to the head. The second way is similar to the first, only, when you cut hair, be guided not by control, but not the previous lock. At this method of hairstyle, hair at forehead will be a little shorter, than on the top.
  5. Cut temporal and side zones. Also tighten hair to locks of parietal zone vertically up and cut off at their level.
  6. After you process all zones, comb hair forward and if necessary straighten. Issue bang if it is necessary make tapering.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team