How to tonsure direct bang

How to tonsure direct bang

Bang – rather widespread element of both men's, and female hairstyles. It can be various both on length, and on color, and in form therefore will be able to pick up suitable option practically everyone. How to make the simplest option – direct bang?


  1. Prepare suitable tools. To cut direct bang, it is required to you: hairbrush, clips for hair, simple scissors and tapering. The direct bang will perfectly emphasize your look, will hide any shortcomings of forehead and will give to the face more correct form.
  2. Moisten hair by means of spray and carefully comb them. Make sure that scissors rather sharp as the quality of work will depend on them.
  3. Take lock of hair, accurately clamp it index and middle finger and delay it towards nose bridge. Then do equal cut at the level of nose bridge or if you want bang length slightly above eyebrows, slightly higher.
  4. If you have curly hair, cut off hair slightly the Izh, approximately at the level of nose as having dried, they will rise up and will become visually shorter.
  5. Separate part of hair by means of rectangular hair parting to allocate so-called deep bang. That hair did not disturb at hairstyle, carefully pin up them clip. On all width of the turning-out bang carry out accurate horizontal hair parting which has to go parallel to the line of growth of hair by means of hairbrush tip.
  6. Hairbrush separate extreme lock and shear excess length.
  7. Separate the following lock, comb its not face, clamp together with already cut lock to achieve the necessary length.
  8. Previous needs to cut off each following lock slightly below, increasing length of hair by 1 mm. Consider that dry hair are shorter than wet.
  9. Dry up hair and accurately comb the turned-out bang. Bang – fine option for those who are dissatisfied with shape of the face. She will help to make too long face more oval, will help to change your image, will give to hairstyle more originality. It is possible to consult to the hairdresser in advance about what bang most of all will suit you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team