How to treat acne rash on face

How to treat acne rash on face

Causes of acne rash great variety. It is a pity what to establish exact not always it turns out. But anyway, the experienced dermatologist will help to solve your problem, and you need only to look after correctly problem skin to avoid emergence of spots and hems.


1. Register in reception to the dermatologist or the cosmetologist – these experts are engaged in skin treatment. After small inspection and identification of the reason of appearance of pimples to you will carry out number of the cosmetology procedures improving condition of skin. If necessary will make also grinding of the person that considerably will smooth any roughnesses and roughnesses.

2. Surely buy all person care product which to you have been appointed. To replace them usual, nonprofessional, it will not turn out. Of course, the effect will be, but it will be minimum.

3. During clarification of the person use sponge, it promotes stimulation of skin and good clarification of time. On sale there are also brushes for the person – at your choice, the result will be approximately identical.

4. During treatment of acne rash adhere to diet. Exclude all harmful products from the diet: alcohol, chips, smoked products, fat animal products, eat less sweet, marinated and sharp. Eat food on couple. In certain cases improper feeding provokes developing of acne rash.

5. If treatment has not helped, look for the reason of appearance of acne rash. Address the endocrinologist and take blood test not only on the level of sex hormones, but also thyroid gland. If deviations are revealed, to you will appoint course of hormonal therapy after which passing everything will return to normal. The main thing you do not press pimples even if you cannot live without it. Any traumatizing skin leaves not passing scars for the rest of life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team