How to treat bags under eyes

How to treat bags under eyes

With age skin begins to wither. Especially strongly this process is reflected in face skin. Often muscles in the field of century lose the elasticity and sag, reminding sacculate folds. It is difficult to get rid of bags under eyes in house conditions. To be necessary for this purpose all your patience. But the spent efforts will not be vain.

1. Prepare infusion from one teaspoon of sage and half of glass of boiled water. Close cover and leave for half an hour. Cool half of broth, and another, on the contrary, warm up. After that alternately moisten tampons in cold and hot broth and put to to eyes everyone tampon for ten minutes. Do this procedure every other day in the evenings. After the procedure grease skin under eyes special cream for century. Improvement will occur approximately in month.

2. Boil tablespoon of mint on weak fire within ten minutes. Filter and cool to room temperature. Impregnate with the received broth cotton tampons and put them for ten minutes to bags under eyes. Repeat the procedure 3-4 times in a row daily.

3. For lotions to eyes use parsley infusion. For this purpose fill in tablespoon of small chopped greens of parsley with glass of the boiling water and leave approximately for two hours. Moisten gauze napkin in the filtered broth and apply to eyes for 3-5 minutes.

4. Use the compresses prepared from linden, dark tea, flowers of camomile or solution of sea salt.

5. Grate crude potatoes on small grater. Apply it on cotton tampons or sterile napkin and apply to bags on quarter of hour. After you put away mask, apply special cream on eyelids. After that through quarter of hour purify leather from surplus of cream with the cotton wool moistened in freshly brewed, but cold tea.

6. By the way, tea is magnificent means for reduction of bags under eyes. Use freshly brewed strong tea for compresses. Impose compress for 10-15 minutes. After that apply the cotton tampons moistened in cold water to eyes. After 5 minutes apply nutritious cream on places of formation of bags.

7. Grate fresh cucumber and apply gruel on bags under eyes for 10-15 minutes. Also use fresh juice of cucumber for lotions.

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