How to treat cracks on heels folk remedies

How to treat cracks on heels folk remedies

Many people scornfully treat care for the Piglet, and it is one of the most sensitive parts of our body. It is not without reason said that foot massage can cure diseases or relax all body. All important human organs are projected on stupnyakh.

In ancient times in Russia the people had good habit - to wash heels before going to bed. Was considered that warm water not only washes away all dirt which has collected in day, but also all negative energy. Then peasants did massage to rich misters that allowed those to relax and to oversleep quietly till the morning.

Now everyone who to care for the health, has to be engaged independently in massage the Piglet and stop. The effect will be better and the procedure will be more pleasant if to rub any vegetable oil in foot. It is known that in them there is vitamin E which is antioxidant. It is possible to add 1-2 drops of rose attar to olive, vegetable or linseed oil. If you have caught a cold, then it is better to add tea tree oil. Here it is already possible to choose separate oils for specific case: from depressions – jasmine oil, for quiet dream – lavender oil, etc.

Heels most often suffer in the flying. During this period it is possible to notice dryness and cracks which emergence is provoked by inconvenient footwear and perspiration of legs. To prevent formation of cracks, it is necessary to choose suitable comfortable footwear, to use only the soft cleaning means when washing feet, not to keep leg in hot water. In order to avoid excessive dryness of heels it is recommended not to hold them in the sun too long.

If you after all had had cracks on heels, then it is possible to cure them folk remedies. For example:

  • Make flat cake from 2 tablespoons of flour with 1 tablespoon of honey. Then heels it is necessary to steam out, put the received flat cake and to bandage foot. Put on cotton socks and you go to bed. The procedure is recommended to be carried out every day before going to bed until cracks disappear.
  • It is also possible to knead flat cake from other structure. To mix cod-liver oil, juice of onions and aloe, to add flour you will not create flat cake yet. Also apply it to cracks, redress and put on socks.
  • Sea-buckthorn oil will be suitable for superficial cracks. It is necessary to grease with it heels every evening, before going to bed. If there is opportunity it is possible also in the afternoon. It is the best of all to moisten cotton tampon in oil, to put to problem places and to redress feet. Be accurate as sea-buckthorn oil leaves the hardly removed spots on clothes.
  • For treatment of cracks on heel it is possible to use also lard. To kindle the crushed fat in clean frying pan and to grease previously steamed out heels for the night. It is recommended to put on cotton socks legs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team