How to treat hair

How to treat hair

Nothing so decorates the woman as long thick hair. Long since was considered that the owner of beautiful hair can give rise and grow up healthy posterity. Now attach to hair not less significance as hair are one of the main components of appeal. Therefore it is so important to notice problem of hair in time and to treat them.

It is required to you

  • burdock oil, infusions of herbs, roots, leaves, tansy, honey, the liquid soap, onions, mummies regenerating masks


  1. Burdock oil will help to eliminate dandruff. For this purpose warm up it and apply on hair in one hour prior to washing. Lime color has excellent effect. It is added to water with which rinse the head.
  2. Prepare infusion from leaves of nettle, grass of horsetail field, rhizomes and roots of burdock, cones of hop, yarrow grass. On one tablespoon of equal quantity of components take one glass of boiled water.
  3. Undoubted advantage for hair the tansy has. Knead its stalk and petals. Make in boiled water. Later an hour and a half filter. If regularly to rinse hair with this infusion, the result will not keep itself waiting.
  4. If hair began to drop out, prepare mix from honey, burdock oil, liquid soap and head of onions. Each component undertakes at the rate of one teaspoon. Carefully mix and use as compress. Influence time on hair – 2 hours.
  5. For hair recovery use hot oil – bath. Oil perfectly is suitable for dry, brittle and normal hair. Apply it before washing on dry hair. Wrap the head towel or polyethylene. It will increase efficiency several times. Thirty minutes later wash away oil by means of shampoo.
  6. Use balm – the conditioner and also masks for hair which unlike oils possess more broad spectrum of activity. So, on sale there are masks which recover the injured hair. Only natural components enter basis of such masks.
  7. The conditioning additives which can be washed away without use of shampoo are part of the hot regenerating masks. The mask is applied on clean, slightly moist hair then wash away warm water.

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