How to treat I will merge hair

How to treat I will merge hair

Many factors can destroy beauty of hair: greasiness, dandruff, weak roots. To fight against loss of locks and peeling of head skin cosmetics it is useless. Shampoos are temporary solution of problem. It is better to adopt treatment of hair I will merge – both it is cheap, and is effective.

It is required to you

  • - sea salt;
  • - table iodized salt;
  • - honey;
  • - cognac;
  • - kefir.


  1. Salt – one of the chief suppliers of iodine in organism. However if at abuse of salty food these white kristallik can be postponed in joints and do harm to health, then outwardly salt can be applied without restrictions.
  2. Salt therapy is very useful to hair. Besides saturation of head skin microelements, it has the soft peeling effect, increasing cell regeneration. It leads to strengthening of blood circulation in fabrics and to restoration of hair follicles. Thereof loss of locks stops.
  3. Also salt helps to cope with the increased greasiness of head skin, absorbing excess fat and doing hair obedient, soft and brilliant. Salt masks and dandruff treat, giving to head of hear healthy and well-groomed look.
  4. Both the sea salt, and usual boiled enriched with microelements will be suitable for therapy. The procedure is carried out so: apply small amount of salt on damp roots of hair and softly mass until crystals partially are dissolved. Then leave mask on the surface of head skin for 10-15 minutes that salt has absorbed excess fat. Then carefully rinse head of hear under shower, and at the end rinse with the water acidified by apple cider vinegar. I will merge treatment of hair it is possible to carry out several times a week, it is not dependent on whether it is necessary to wash this day the head with shampoo or not.
  5. Owners of dry and sensitive head skin should not use salt masks in pure form. It is recommended to mix kristallik with the warmed-up curdled milk or honey. So abrasive parts will not injure the angry skin and will not dry up hair.
  6. At oily skin of the head the course salt therapy for hair will be required. It is necessary to do 2-3 times a week special masks, distributing them not only on roots, but also on all length.
  7. The recipe from the salt, honey and cognac taken in proportions 2:1:1 is considered very effective. The structure infuses in bottle from brown glass 1-2 weeks. Then it can be used as mask or shampoo. Weight is applied on moist hair for 30-50 minutes.
  8. For increase in volume of head of hear such recipe is shown. On one egg yolk to fill up teaspoon of small salt, to fill in mix with three tablespoons of kefir or acid sour cream. To accurately rub mask in head skin, having distributed on all length gaptoothed hairbrush. To carry structure under polyethylene cap 1 hour. Then to wash up the head as usual.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team