How to treat miliuma without cosmetologist

How to treat miliuma without cosmetologist

Miliuma represent skin whiteheads. They can be formed on cheekbones, under eyes, on back and face. Certainly, faster and effective result on their elimination can be received at the cosmetologist. Also there are checked national recipes and councils for treatment milium on skin.

Useful recommendations

You should not delete whiteheads independently. In this case the probability of entering of pathogenic microflora in wound is too high. Consequences can become the inflamed red pimples which will leave behind scars and will demand more long-term treatment.

Today there is set of the checked and effective methods of treatment milium in house conditions. They take certain time, but also there is no trace left, as a rule, after disease. The main stages of treatment can be considered clarification, steaming and special processing any means. It can be application of masks, compresses or infusion.

Main methods of treatment milium

The most effective and easy way of treatment milium in house conditions – peeling. For obtaining the cleaning structure it will be required to mix sour cream and sea salt in equal proportions. If you possess sensitive, thin or dry skin, then sour cream should be replaced with olive oil. Such mix will allow not only to clean excellently face from whiteheads, but also will have the nutritious and moistening effect. The turned-out structure quiet movements is rubbed in skin. In 7-10 minutes residues of cosmetic wash away warm flowing water or grass broth. The peeling with soda will also help to get rid of skin whiteheads. This way is especially recommended to people who have sensitive or dry skin. For preparation of structure it will be required to mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda with soapsuds. Means is applied directly on the inflamed site. Pay attention: after implementation of the procedure on skin the insignificant reddening can appear. Residues of cosmetic are washed away in 2-3 minutes by warm flowing water. Compresses on the basis of broth of calendula or camomile will be suitable for daily application. Their use can also and be alternated. They will have not only disinfecting effect, but also will perfectly calm the inflamed skin. For preparation of grass broth it is enough to make 1 tablespoon of camomile (calendula) glass of abrupt boiled water. In 10-15 minutes, warm infusion is ready to use. It is necessary to impregnate with this structure cotton and gauze compress and to put on the steamed-out clean face. There will be quite enough 10-15 minutes for implementation of the procedure. Is not less popular at emergence milium on skin mask from guelder-rose berries. 2-3 tablespoons of berries need to be kneaded so that they have started up juice. After that it is necessary to add a little oatmeal. The ready mask is applied to in advance steamed out and cleaned skin. Duration of this procedure is 15-20 minutes. It is rather simple to wash away residues of cosmetic warm water.

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