How to treat pigmental spots

How to treat pigmental spots

Such skin disease as availability of pigmental spots, does not paint the person at all, and on the contrary, brings the mass of inconveniences. To get rid of pigmental spots not so difficult. Using folk remedies, it is possible to forget about such problem forever.

It is required to you

  • Linden, water, the lemon, honey, almonds crushed, milk, sorrel, spinach, leaves and fruits of mountain ash, nutritious cream, radish, carrot juice.


1. The first means which is applied to treatment pigmentalof spots is daily washing by lime tea. For preparation it is necessary to make two teaspoons of linden glass of boiled water.

2. One more good folk remedy – lotions from mix of lemon and honey. For this purpose it is necessary to mix juice of one lemon with two tablespoons of honey. Then it is necessary to impregnate gauze fabric in mix and to put to the site with spots. Having kept lotion of 15-20 minutes, it is necessary to wash away warm water.

3. At moderate pigmentation the mindalevy mask well helps. For preparation it is necessary to fill in half-glass of almonds with glass of boiled water and to wait 5 minutes. After that water should be merged in capacity, and to pass almonds via the meat grinder. Further one tablespoon of boiled water and juice from half of lemon is added to mix of almonds. Mix is pounded to homogeneous mass and applied on pigmental spot, and in half an hour it needs to be washed away mindalevy water. It is necessary to carry out such mask two times a week.

4. Also, to get rid of pigmental spots, it is possible to use mix from the crushed leaves of spinach, sorrel and mountain ash. Having passed three tablespoons of mix via the meat grinder, it is necessary to add kefir tablespoon. Further the mask is applied on pigmental spots, and in 20 minutes washes off.

5. Such mix can be alternated also to mask from radish. Having applied layer of nutritious cream on pigmental spot, from above it is necessary to put radish slices. In 30 minutes, skin should be wiped with cool milk.

6. If pigmentation moderate, then the skin color can be leveled, greasing it twice a day with carrot juice. After drying the spot needs to be wiped with water solution with milk in proportion 1:1.

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