How to treat the overdried hair

How to treat the overdried hair

When sebaceous glands work incorrectly, and cells of epidermis cannot keep moisture in the necessary quantity, curls and head skin become very dry. And it, in turn, leads to the fact that the overdried hair tarnish, become thinner, begin to break and split.

Of course, dry curls can be by nature, but most often lead certain factors to it (improper feeding, bad ecology, excessive use of the hair dryer and iron and so on), having got rid of which or having minimized their influence it is possible to recover hair health. 

First of all, take into account that to wash the overdried and brittle hair it is necessary warm water - not cold and not hot, otherwise you will not get rid of the available problem, and will make head skin of just fatter because of enhanced action of sebaceous glands. After washing   it is impossible to comb wet hair as moist curls very easily are damaged and spoil. 

Also if not on naslyshka such problem as the overdried and brittle hair is familiar to you, pay attention to the shampoo choice, to be exact, to its structure. It is desirable to choose cosmetic medicine with enough moisturizing components such as proteins of milk or silk, extracts of camomile and aloe, jojoba oil, glycerin. These components saturate curls with moisture and smooth the damaged scales. 

Well also special masks as ready, and from improvised natural ingredients help. For example, it is very useful to rub for the night in head skin and to apply burdock oil which  also perfectly copes with itch and dandruff on hair. Of course, after such mask the head should be washed up in the morning. 

Also take into account that if you constantly use the iron or the hair dryer, by all means use special cosmetics which have thermoprotective properties. Such medicines (fluids, sprays) protect curls from peresushivaniye and also slightly humidify them and have the light fixing effect.

And, at last, at the overdried fragile curls any time is not recommended to use often hair-dye better to give preference to natural dyes, for example, henna or basma. At their mixture it is possible to receive dye for receiving wide range of shades from chestnut-colored to black. Of course, such option will not suit blondes, and in this case for several months it is worth refusing the procedure of coloring in general.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team