How to truncate nose

How to truncate nose

Something in the shape is not pleasant to many women even if it is small, almost imperceptible detail. And most often ladies are dissatisfied with shape of nose: it insufficiently equal, not so graceful as it would be desirable, too long or wide. By means of make-up it is visually possible to modify shape of nose, having reduced its length or having narrowed. It is important not to be overzealous.


1. First of all prepare skin, carefully purifying it and toning up. Further put a little moisturizing or mattifying cream which corresponds to type of your skin. That the make-up at you "has not floated" wait for full absorption of cream. It will occur approximately in 10 minutes.

2. Then level complexion by means of liquid foundation. It has to approach skin shade as much as possible. You can at desire record liquid foundation powder to give to skin dullness.

3. Nose "potato" it is possible to make up by means of lightening of back of nose and also blackout of his wings. Only avoid accurate geometrical lines, try to observe smooth rotundity of forms. Rotundity can also be added in registration of eyebrows and make-up of eyes – it will make rounded shape of nose less noticeable.

4. Too wide nose can be narrowed visually by blackout of his wings powder, a little more dark, than your complexion. If at you also nose bridge wide, you bring the line of blackout to eyebrows.

5. Wide and at the same time long nose – hard case. But also here everything is remediable – in addition lighten all back of nose. It is desirable to apply powder from internal corners of eyes and to nose tip bend. Movements have to be smooth and easy.

6. Now look at tone of the person. You need to shade transitions of shades of the applied powder accurately.

7. It is possible to modify also thin long nose. That optically to truncate it, it is necessary to apply on its tip, wings and top with brush powder, and powder has to be more dark on tone, than the main shade. Begin to work with brush from the basis of nose and direct it only from below up. You monitor color transitions of powder – they should not be too sharp. Carefully shade correction borders. In completion of make-up put it is slightly ruddy on nose tip.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team