How to twist hair by means of the iron

How to twist hair by means of the iron

Owners of straight lines by nature of hair often dream of magnificent and beautiful curls and spend many funds and forces for receiving long-awaited wave. Using the iron for hair, you will be able easily to change hairstyle in house conditions in only a few minutes, having turned straight hair into the elegant curling curls. That the wave has not done to your hair harm, it is necessary to know instructions for use of the iron and also rules of care for curled hair.


  1. Before wave protect hair – wash up them shampoo with the conditioner or balm. It is desirable to apply on hair after washing special thermoprotective mask which protects hair from harmful effects of high temperature. For the sake of safety of hair use only the high-quality iron with ceramic covering of plates.
  2. To twist large curls, you will need the iron 2 cm wide. Well heat surface of plates and clamp the iron hair closer to roots of hair. If you want to receive smaller curls, clamp thin locks.
  3. If you try to obtain easy wave, clamp volume locks between plates. Have the iron vertically and, holding lock, rotate it semicircle, winding hair.
  4. Accurately move the iron by the end of lock to create soft wave. Do not stop the movement of the iron not to spoil uniformity of the line of hair.
  5. By means of the iron you will be able easily to give the form both to long hair, and short hairstyle. To twist edges of hairstyle inside or outside, you hold the iron at right angle to the twisted lock.
  6. Clasp lock and deploy the iron inside or outside, depending on desirable effect. Having applied on hair after wave a little mousse for laying, you will achieve effect of stylish uncombed curls.
  7. For creation of more strict and accurate hairstyles you apply after wave skin or gel styling on hair, fixing the necessary form of hairstyle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team