How to twist hair without hair curlers and nippers

How to twist hair without hair curlers and nippers

In the woman's life sometimes there are such situations when it is necessary to create beautiful curls in house conditions, and near at hand there are neither hair curlers, nor nippers, nor other hairdresser's devices. However the situation is not so hopeless as it can seem at first sight – there is set of ways by means of which it is possible to twist hair without hair curlers, using only improvised materials.

How to twist short hair

Short hairstyles often have splendor and volume therefore most effectively such hairstyles will look if to make large curls. For this purpose it is necessary to wash up the head, to dry hair towel and to apply on all their length a little mousse or skins for creation of laying.

We divide hair parting in the middle, then hairbrush with long tail parallel to the line of hair parting we separate small lock, 2-3 cm wide. Accurately we wrap hair around forefinger, forming dense roundish curl. The twirled lock is carefully fixed by clip so that the curl was not scattered.

In the same way wind other hair on the front surface of the head. On temples where hair are usually shorter, than in other zones, curls stack semicircle towards auricle. To receive beautiful curls in occipital and parietal zone, locks need to be wound in the direction from the face to the back surface of neck.

The wound locks dry up in the natural way or warmish air from the hair dryer then to hair allow to cool down and carefully remove clips. Fingers accurately comb short curls, then crest with rare teeths the hairstyle is given the final form.

Wave of long hair

To twist long hair, the most usual ribbons or small rags of the cotton fabric cut on strips about 4 cm wide will be necessary. Length of strips has to exceed length of hair approximately twice. Curl size will depend on width of locks: large curls turn out from locks of hair about 5 cm wide, for creation of small curlies about 2 cm there are enough lock.

Hair carefully comb, divide into two parts the central hair parting and sprinkle light spray for laying. Single lock is twisted fingers on all length then tie up it at the roots of hair the prepared fabric rag. One end of ribbon is wrapped around the twisted lock, trying that fabric laid down most exactly. Then in opposite direction wind the second end of tape.

The lock wrapped by fabric is displaced in spiral, press it to the head and fixed the small knot formed by the free ends of scrappy tape. The same actions are repeated with the remained locks of hair. The most beautiful and elastic curls on long hair turn out if time of wave is of 3-4 o'clock. After films are shot, incline the head forward and fingers carefully comb curled hair, applying small amount of varnish on roots – it gives to curls additional volume.

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