How to twist straight hair

How to twist straight hair

Thanks to modern ways of wave and means of laying it is possible to give to head of hear practically any form. Owners of straight hair will be able to brag of playful curls, the brilliant streaming curls or romantic wavy locks.

It is required to you

  • — hair curlers, hair curlers;
  • — thermohair curlers;
  • — curling iron.


  1. Wind hair by means of hair curlers. Wash up hair or carefully wet them, and then get wet with towel. Apply styling foam on all length. Begin to twist locks from the top that the hairstyle has turned out volume. Wind them on hair curlers from tips to roots. For bigger volume on average and lower parts of hair use hair curlers of average diameter, and for makushechny zone — large.
  2. Let's hair dry completely. Especially pay attention that roots were absolutely dry. If you have not enough time, then use the hair dryer, however in this case the form, most likely, will remain for a while. Then accurately let hair down, without pulling them. Quickly warm air blow locks phenom at the maximum power. Comb hair, give to hairstyle the form and sprinkle hairspray for dolshy preservation of laying.
  3. Use thermohair curlers for wave. Heat them in hot water, apply means for laying on hair, and then wind locks the same as on plastic hair curlers. Leave thermohair curlers on hair for 20-30 minutes. Later remove them and comb hair hairbrush with rare teeths.
  4. Use nippers for hair if you want to receive abrupt beautiful curls. Sprinkle hair means for thermoprotection and distribute it evenly by means of brush. Divide dry hair into 4 parts: nape, forehead, right and left parties. Heat electronippers.
  5. Begin wave with nape. Wind not thick locks 2-3 cm wide on spiral on the curling iron in the direction from the face, moving from tips to roots. You hold no more than 10 seconds. Then accurately untwist them. As hot hair easily break, do not comb them until they completely cool down. Under weight the curl can quickly break up therefore hold lock in palm as soon as you have removed it from the curling iron, and then slightly sprinkle varnish. At the end of wave comb hair, put the fixing means.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team