How to understand how you will look blonde

How to understand how you will look blonde

Girls like to experiment with the appearance. It is obvious that the harmonious appearance does not do without beautiful hair. In particular this statement belongs to coloring of hair. Successfully picked up hair color helps to create to the woman faultless appearance. For this reason it is necessary to treat clarification or repainting of hair seriously.

Ways of determination of suitable hair color

To understand what hair color or hairstyle will suit the girl, it is recommended to use special applications or programs. Such applications perform function of virtual hairdressers: they help to pick up desirable hair color for the photo, and then to estimate the received result.

It is not necessary to make quick decisions on occasion of clarification of hair of dark color in light color. As a rule, girls decide to change cardinally hair color under the influence of own impulsiveness. Such decisions turn out not rather considered, and the result does not meet expectations at all. Especially, if such experiments with repainting of hair are conducted by the girl independently in house conditions. In specialized salons the skilled master will surely prompt to the girl the hair color suitable for her and will make recommendations.

The good choice of color for hair depends on color type of appearance

It is useful for girl to know the color type of appearance, especially when she has decided to change hair color. The color type depends on color of eyes, natural hair color and shade of skin. For example, the girl with light color of eyes (blue, gray or light green) and also with light skin color treats spring tsvetotip. Thus, the girl with data tsvetotipy suits light hair color: light brown, ashy blond, golden or wheaten color. If the girl has light skin color and also light color of eyes, she definitely will suit light colors and shades of hair: ashy, pearl, light blond. Such tsvetotip call summer. For example, if the representative of summer tsvetotip of appearance has light-brown or blue eyes and light skin, then probability is high that it will suit natural light hair color. On the contrary, the girl having dark brown or dark green color of eyes and light skin color treats winter tsvetotip. The following recommended hair color for this tsvetotip: black, chestnut-colored and other dark. Clarification of hair to shade of blond with it tsvetotipy is not recommended to girls. If the girl has swarty skin and dark color of eyes, she is carried to autumn tsvetotip. In this case it is not recommended to clarify hair till ashy or light-blond colors. However this tsvetotip suits all shades of hair of brown shades and also chestnut-colored and copper colors. Thus, knowing color type of appearance, without effort it is possible to draw conclusion on what hair color is suitable and in what color you should not be recoloured.

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