How to unstick eyelashes

How to unstick eyelashes

Artificial eyelashes are beautiful, but there is also reverse side of beauty - weight and eye pain, the eyelid is not intended for additional loading. On average eyelashes bring beauty to the owner about 15 days, sometimes it is slightly more, and consignment notes will hold on no more than 3-5 days. But if you have decided to remove the increased or false eyelashes ahead of time, use any in the way, convenient for you.

It is required to you

  • Debonder


  1. Buy special means which dissolves glue. It is called Debonder, and you can buy it in any professional shop in which materials for eyelash extension are on sale. False eyelashes are pasted on glue with the same structure, as increased. Cause small amount of cream on the basis of century where there is line of glue. Wait several minutes and accurately separate false eyelashes from natural. Carefully wash out eyes and apply nutritious cream on eyelids.
  2. For removal of eyelashes you can use also oils: olive, sunflower, burdock or castoric. Well impregnate cilia with oil and wait 5 minutes, then apply a little more oil. Carefully wash out eyes with use of gel for washing. If glue strong, then this way does not bring result. But you can repeat it several times, gradually oil will soak glue and eyelashes will manage to be removed.
  3. Instead of oil you can use fat cream, for example children's. Apply it on the line of growth of eyelashes, it is desirable to make it for the night. And since morning try to separate artificial eyelashes by means of tweezers. Feelings can be slightly painful, but be not afraid, it is not so simple to pull out the eyelashes therefore you can safely remove consignment notes.
  4. If all your efforts have not brought positive result, address to any beauty shop. The master will remove cilia for symbolical payment. If you observe inflammation of mucous membrane of eyes, descend on reception to the oculist, to you will appoint anti-inflammatory drops. Some people have allergic reaction to synthetic materials, from it and all problems. You should not stand discomfort for the sake of beauty, especially, when it concerns also health.

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