How to untangle hair

How to untangle hair

The damaged structure, consequences of coloring or chemical hairdressing strongly complicate the procedure of their combing. It is especially difficult to untangle hair which have got confused in round hairbrush. But, as we know, there are no desperate situations, and even strongly tangled locks can be untangled, without resorting to use of scissors.


  1. If you hairhave sputyvatsya after dream, apply on them a little conditioner or hair cream. Means it is necessary very little, otherwise hair will become oily and weighted by sight. Take hairbrush with rare teeths and comb lock behind lock. If hair were very much mixed up, begin to comb small locks, since the tips. Time for combing depends on length of hair and their confusion.
  2. If you have confused hair in round hairbrush during laying, then take usual shampoo or vegetable oil and wet to them tangled lock. Then accurate circular motions begin to rotate hairbrush, hair have to be released. If at you nothing has turned out – dry up lock phenom. The dry hair gives in to combing easier. If you have hairbrush for hair parting, then take it if is not present, use usual with rare teeths. Begin to separate the second hairbrush thin locks from round brush. Labor-intensive process also demands assiduity, but the kept hair stand these efforts.
  3. To avoid sputyvaniye of hair use soft shampoo and balm. Regularly do masks and try to dry less often hair phenom. So they will become healthy and strong, so, and the sputyvaniye will not threaten them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team